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Accounting Service

Need to get your bookkeeping in order, get help creating financial statements and other operating reporting for your business. We can help. Contact us at (727) 487-2688 or client@fltaxacct.com.

These financial reports will help with either internal purposes to help you make better business decisions, or for external purposes such as applying for a loan. It is imperative to maintain current financials so that you can easily see what your business is doing daily, weekly monthly, quarterly and annualy. Contact us to help you get your bookkeeping in order.


Bookkeeping Services

Get help entering transactions into your accounting software or organizing your general ledger. This service also includes cleaning up existing bookkeeping done by you or someone else that may need to be corrected. We have many years experience with accounting software and can certainly provide you with expert ledger and posting services.

We also have many years experience with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. We also have experience with other accounting/bookkeeping software. Contact us to get your books in order.

Payroll Services

Tracking employee time and money can get complicated in a hurry. Get help for all your business’s payroll needs, including issuing paychecks and filing your quarterly tax returns.


Financial Planning

Retirement. College education. A new house. Get help with planning for and achieving your future financial goals.


Tax Services for Individuals

Get tailored help for your unique tax situation. Services include tax planning sessions to plan the best way to cut future tax bills and preparation of your Form 1040 and any related IRS forms. Many individuals attempt to file their own tax returns and struggle during the process. How long should it take you to prepare your tax return? Like with most things tax, it depends. The IRS says that the average nonbusiness taxpayer spends 13 hours preparing a tax return. But it takes far longer for taxpayers who file business returns. So, considering our firm has 30+ years experience with tax preparation, we can handle your situation affordably and you don’t get frustrated with the stress.